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Welcome to my mad scientist laboratory! Where you will find crazy creations that make you do a double take! 

For approximately 17 years, I have been hand sculpting fairies and mermaids and create Wonderland Characters. My site for all of my artwork mentioned above is:

In my art studio... its very serene and beautiful.. it is where I love to sculpt and paint.

In my "laboratory", well that is a different story! (: I am surrounded by my funny skeleton assistants, inspirational ancient tribal artifacts, funky specimens 
& a ton of weird science oddities! 

Learning to make molds and cast in resin,.. sometimes feels like I am becoming somewhat of a mad scientist!


My laboratory has become a fun place to work while experimenting with silicone and resin chemicals.

I have brought to life some mouthy, weird "experiments" while creating the decor in my laboratory... such as my "teeth oddities" Creating these fun pieces makes me chuckle when I look at them!


Thank you for viewing! 
Jennifer Sutherland

"Yolk Mouth" is what I call my "Eggspiriments". They come in various sizes depending on the egg I use.

YES they are REAL Eggs! (:

I use Ostrich, Emu, Rhea, Goose and Chicken!

Some are obnoxious, some are funny.. some are even pretty! (: 

Everything used in the Eggs are handmade.. down to the teeth! I do not use real teeth or dentures.

Although some of the Yolk Mouths can be a little disturbing..  its hard to take your eyes off of them! 

I paint a lot of detail into each one to bring as much realism to the Yolk Mouth as possible.

Now its not just the Yolk Mouth that gets attention. I used Seashells (which actually were one of my first creations back in 2016) as well as Sea Urchins, Crabs, and anything that I can imagine teeth in! (:

Where to Purchase

Currently I have been selling my pieces at shows in South California. Because of the demand, I have started selling in my Etsy store.


 I post when I am opening my shop through my Instagram and Facebook page.

I will be at Sons of Monsterpalooza in Burbank Oct. 8-10-21

    About the Artist...

About Yolk Mouths

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